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Before the Governor gave the order for North Carolina to ‘stay at home’ for 30 days, I decided to make some new friends in my neighborhood. Even with the need to be social distancing, I was able to connect with some of my neighbors. I’m calling it The Front Porch Project (which I’m 100% certain, I’ve borrowed from someone else).

I had the best time getting some fresh air and taking a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. We followed all the social distancing rules, I photographed each family that participated from the sidewalk with a long lens.

When I put the call out for this project on our neighborhood Facebook page I wasn’t sure that anyone would even want to be photographed. I put up some examples that I had seen around the web for inspiration and let each family decide what they wanted to do. I gotta say. We have some really creative people in our little ‘hood. They ran wild with their imagination and I captured what I saw from the comfort (and safety) of the sidewalk.

One of the best things that came out of this, for me atleast, was the sense that we are all in this together. I met 12 families that I had never met before. I chatted with an expectant momma. I heard the story of family pulling together for distance learning. I met a sweet new baby. And as a result, I felt an overwhelming sense of community.

This project was therapeutic for me in so many ways. Photography is my job, obviously, but its also how I show the world my creativity. My writing is lacking (sorry y’all), I can’t paint or draw but I darn well can take a photograph.

Speaking of which… Please enjoy these!

Photography by Sera Bella Photography

social distancing
front porch project

Last, but certainly not least, my own two children on our own front porch. Can you tell which one wasn’t in the mood for a quick photo?? πŸ˜‰

Stay safe out there friends. Or should I say IN THERE. Stay home. Flatten the curve. Give our hospitals, doctors, nurses a fighting chance to get through this thing. And most importantly, take this gift of time to really look at your life and your blessings.

Love y’all.

<3 Sarah

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