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I am not one to write a whole lot of personal things about myself or my family. I’m not sure why that’s a tough one for me. I feel like I’ve evolved into a sort of private person over the years and that’s a hard thing to get past. Today, though, I try. Just for you πŸ™‚

This whole COVID 19, stay home order, has been really hard for me. There are days when I get all my work done, I am super patient through the distance learning process and I feel like I can do (just about) anything. And then there are days like today. Its like nothing feels right and this will never end. And, I’ll be honest, even writing those words makes me feel even more uncomfortable.

However, I am an optimistic person by nature. I am usually able to pull myself right back out of the mental hole that I sometimes fall into. So I’ll force myself to look on the bright side… and share. (Ps. The sharing is the hardest part lol.)

“Someone that can turn a negative into a positive cannot be defeated.”

Before we were ordered to effectively ‘shelter in place’ by the governor, I found some inspiration online regarding a front porch photography project. I grabbed my camera and took a jaunt around the neighborhood to chat and meet some of my neighbors. I tried my very best to capture who they truly were, in the short amount of time that we were together, from a safe social distance of 6 feet away. It was awesome, and I’ll shamelessly link it here.

Social Distancing – Front Porch Project.

My positive this week is that I was able to use my gifts (I even hesitate to call it a gift) to make a few families in my neighborhood smile. They flexed their creative muscles, looked forward to my stopping by and then absolutely loved the final images that they were delivered. I had a lot of fun with the whole process.

Another positive is that we made it to Thursday. That’s the end of the school week for my oldest, which means tomorrow is a free day. Last Friday we hit up the Chick Fil A drive through as a treat and I’m thinking that tomorrow would be another great chance to do that as well.

I’m about to publish this blog post and not post the link to my Facebook. So if you find this… kudos πŸ™‚ Leave me a quick comment to let me know you are here.

<3 Sarah

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