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Its been a full month since we’ve been home and in quarantine. One whole month of limiting contact with the whole world. For those who don’t know every little detail of my life (ha!), I am the momma of two girls. They are ages almost 5 and 8. They fight like sisters and they love like sisters. Its totally a 50/50 thing here.

Now I’ll be completely transparent here. And lets rewind a minute, while we are at it. Last summer was the first summer that my girls really got into each others business. And it was rough. They spent the whole summer tattle tailing, arguing and bugging each other. They are just close enough in age that they want to play together but just far enough that they aren’t really into the same things. Therefore, they want to play together but its hard sometimes. Alright, fast forward to the governor closing schools. The feeling of dread that come over me was… well it hit me pretty hard. Not only would I be missing out on my own class of babies at my school (side note: I moonlight as a preschool teacher πŸ™‚ ) but my two would be home together every day. All day. Forever and ever amen.

Its now been over a month and I’m happy to report that its going rather well. I had honestly thought that time would be really hard because of how last summer went. But its actually been really good for my two. My oldest does her school work online and I help as needed. I try my best to keep the youngest one out of her hair. Certainly, that’s easier said that done. I’m also trying to blog and do as much as behind the scenes stuff as I can during this quarantine time.

I’ll shamelessly plug myself here while I am at it. I have gift certificates available for purchase towards a future session! Once we get beyond all this quarantine and social distancing, I would love to have as many sessions as possible waiting for me. One way to do that is to purchase gift certificate and you can do that HERE.

Thanks for the support, y’all!

Onto some pictures of our life as chronicled by a mom with a camera πŸ™‚

Photography by ME!

I hope y’all are staying safe out there!

<3 Sarah

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