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There is nothing that I love more than working with the same clients year after year. New Bern NC is tough for that though because so many are transient here! However, being able to watch babies grow and change over the years makes my heart happy in so many different ways. This family is whole other level favorites of mine. Like whole other level πŸ˜‚. I call this sweet lady a friend and she is one of the most organized, patient, smart and kind mommas that I know. She raises her babies with so much love and care, which in my opinion, just shines. Her two are so sweet and thoughtful and SMART and you can totally tell they just adore each other. Dad is one of the most hardworking guys ever and his love for his family shines thru.

I don’t remember now how I was found when the oldest was small but we did a super cute babywearing and breastfeeding session when I was still at my studio. From there I’ve been able to do first birthdays, family sessions and milestones. I swear every session becomes my new favorite.

This sessions was to celebrate little man turning ONE! The theme was carhardts in the woods and we nailed it. Little guy would not stay still for any length of time, especially after we left him run the length of the boardwalk so I had to move QUICK for some of these.

… because every picture tells a story… and New Bern NC is a great place for your story to happen.

Photography by Sera Bella Photography

<3 Sarah

New Bern NC
New Bern NC
New Bern NC
New Bern NC
New Bern NC
New Bern NC

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