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I had a blast with this New Bern Family session! One of the most fun things about my job is seeing different family dynamics. I’ll tell y’all… two under two is no joke but this sweet family was one of the most laid back, legit calm families I feel like I have ever encountered. We had one super smile-y baby and a busy two year old and so much fun hitting up all my favorite spots downtown.

Mr. Two made all the BEST faces. We also played a mean game of ‘pick up and put down’ together or in other words… chase the toddler to get the shot πŸ˜‰ I’ll be honest though, its those little things that make New Bern family sessions with small children some of my absolute favorite to do.

New Bern family
New Bern family
New Bern family
New Bern family
New Bern family
New Bern family

And how sweet are these parents… come on now <3 These two have to be the most chill, go with the flow parents ever. It was a breath of fresh air and I had a blast chatting with them.

New Bern family
New Bern family

Photography by Sera Bella Photography

Downtown was so perfect for this session! I specifically loved all the wild flowers in the garden next to First Baptist Church. Its a new favorite for sure! Who is up to check it out with me next? The weather is heating up but with that comes some pretty greens and great flowers. I am so ready. Lets do it!

<3 Sarah

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