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I love a good NC bridal portrait. I’ve had this conversation with most of my brides at our initial consultation so I’ll share with the world now. When I put my wedding package together I included an engagement session but not a bridal session. Curious why? Bridal sessions and portraits are not a thing where I come from. I am originally from upstate NY and I swear to you I had never seen or heard of a bridal portrait growing up. Now, if you are from a more southern place – you probably remember your mommas and your grandmommas bridal portraits proudly displayed. If you thinking of booking your wedding with me, just know that we can absolutely add a bridal session to your package OR if your fiancΓ© isn’t super into engagements lets swap it out for a bridal and make a girls day of it!

So, of course, I did jump on the NC bridal portrait train. Its really is such a good idea! Why not work out all the kinks of hair and make up, wear your wedding shoes (and see how ‘comfortable’ they are), put on that gorgeous wedding dress you picked out… and let me take some amazing pictures without the hustle and bustle the wedding happening around you.

Emily ROCKED her bridals. Her dress was amazing and suited her so perfectly. I am in love with wedding dress styles these days, the sleeves are my absolute favorite part of these new dresses. We went down to the end of Creekside Park with momma and sister in tow for support. The weather was the ideal October day, warm without being super hot and her excitement just radiated.

Photography by Sera Bella Photography

nc bridal portrait
nc bridal portrait
New Bern wedding photographer
New Bern bridal portrait
nc bridal portrait
nc bridal portrait
nc bridal portrait

and you know this one needed to be added…

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this session and on bridal portraits in general? Are they traditional in your family? Do you wish you did one?

<3 Sarah

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