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four ever wild

Four ever WILD – I cannot get over how big this guy is! I mean just four short years ago he was in my studio as a wee sleepy newborn. Cue all the tears! I’ve been able to do his birthday session every single year and its one that I am always so happy to get the call for! I am SO GRATEFUL to the clients who come back year after year so I can watch their babies grow.

It was super cold out – think 30 ish degrees – but we had a blast chatting and exploring Creekside Park. I kept waiting for his sweet cheeks to turn red in the cold but we managed to keep things moving to keep our fingers and toes warm throughout the session! I’m pretty sure he was just humoring me until he was allowed to run and play on the playground when we were done πŸ˜‰

I have a four year old at my house and it truly is one of my favorite ‘preschool’ type ages. So many words and so much personality all wrapped up in each kid. The stories and the faces are my absolute favorite.

This guy is all boy and loves John Deere, mud and running around. I’m pretty sure he is on the go much of the time. Its good to be four ever wild! Happy birthday buddy!

Photography by Sera Bella Photography

four ever wild
child photography
four ever wild
four ever wild
four ever wild

If you made it this far, you get to see one of him as a newborn. I had to go through the archives for this one…

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

<3 Sarah

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