Welcome to the Sera Bella Blog! Take a quick peek around at what I've been up to!

Hi, I’m Sarah!

Sera Bella Photography was born over NINE years ago.  It has taught me to look at life differently and I try to capture things as I see them.  When my first daughter came along about eight years ago, I got a deeper sense of the pureness of babies, the sweetness of children and the love of a family.  As my family has grown so has my love of those three things so much that they have become the focus of my photography journey.  My photographer heart is also drawn to love stories and weddings.  Nothing can match the excitement surrounding a wedding day!

​I run. I sew. I moonlight as a preschool teacher during the school year and crossing over the drawbridge into downtown makes me the happiest.

​Also. Sugar free vanilla coconut milk lattes, of course.